Vanished places

[Wapenen vanden edelen porters van Ghendt alzo zij van hauts tijden in schepenen bouck staen. Hier naer volgen die wapenen vanden neeringhen van Ghendt ende die ambachten].

The environment in which we live is constantly changing, largely due to human activities but also because of disasters, natural evolutions and the passage of time. Old images often reveal a vanished reality. Many of these visual treasures are preserved in the collections of our heritage libraries and are considered valuable heritage about heritage that is no longer visually there. However, at the same time we should also be cautious: often these images were (literally) created with image building in mind or they had to adhere to certain aesthetic principles. The true representation of a building, surroundings or a landscape was not always the main objective. This lost heritage is shown from a specific perspective.

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